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MTV's SCREAM tv series coming soon!
The status on Scream 5 is currently unknown.
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Scream 4 (X)

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Anonymous: What do you think about Scary Movie?

I love Scary Movie, annoying when people get it mixed up with Scream tho.

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st4b: hey have u ever seen the movie "scream" i think youd like it!

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MTV's 'Scream' Casts Its Sheriff, Hot Teacher, 'Arrow' Favorite

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Anonymous: Personally I'd rather have it be an MTV show than some lame investigation thriller targeted at middle aged people on like, ABC.

Hahaaa true I guess.

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Anonymous: My mother had Scream on video and I must've been about 8 or something. The first time I watched it, I was very young. When I watched it, I was so scared. I would literally peak outside my door to watch it. Gradually, I just became fascinated with the films. I would maliciously lock little kids in my room and turn on Scream and they burst out crying. When people say those films are corny, they aren't. They really are disturbing. Idk why I'm obsessed with the movies..

Lmao locking kids in your room wtf haha. Yeah they really are awesome movies.

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Anonymous: I think that anon meant, who do you think was ghostface before they revealed themselves. At least, i hope that's what they meant lol.

Lmaoo I’m stupid sometimes. Well yeah same I’d rather they have meant that….

I have no idea tbh. I watched it so long ago haha.

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Anonymous: In the first movie , who did you think was Ghost Face?

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Anonymous: josh explain your experience with meeting her? uhh i love her so much. she's so cute ♥

Josh text me this to tell you guys:

"I remember the day for the Scream 4 premiere I got up super early to go to the Chinese Theater to hopefully catch a glimpse of some of the stars. 

Neve was one of the few stars who went to greet the fans. She took pics and signed autographs. She didn’t stop until everyone got what they wanted.

She was so nice. She signed my Ghostface mask and, when I asked for a pic, she said “you got it.” Afterwards I told her she was beautiful and she had a genuine smile and thanked me. She’s a classy Scream Queen :)”

Awww :’).