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Anonymous: I'm wondering how you feel about Tatum's death, i would say it's the most iconic (apart from the opening) and i kinda love it. My friends say its corny, mainly because she kinda looks like a blow-up doll when shes getting squished haha

I love it tbh, such a bad way to die tho haha.

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Scream 4 (X)

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@wescraven Green room after Sat. concert w/JJ, Neve, Elivs, me and Iya. Elvis jokes that he’s available for scoring movies!


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awkwardhook: I always found it random that randy's sister just happened to be on the studio lot, in what seemed her own trailer. She just pops up out of no where to show them the tape he made. I wish they had explained it more besides she had a tape to show them

I dunno I find it perfectly normal tbh. Like after the murders she went to show Sidney the tape to try and help her haha. Although yeah being on the set is a bit random but whatever haha.

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timothy olyphant as mickey in scream 2 (1997)

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the voice of Ghostface: Roger Jackson

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Anonymous: Make a gif set of Kate's scars.

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