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MTV's SCREAM tv series coming soon!
The status on Scream 5 is currently unknown.
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Anonymous: Gifset of Trevor please??

x :)

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Anonymous: how did you get this URL

We had to kill 1 or 9 people.

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1 day ago -

Anonymous: who would it follow at Windsor though? Kirby?

That would be awesome if it did… but then I think why would she even go to that college haha.

1 day ago -

pinhaldavid1998: I've just seen the Scream Series synopsis and, it looks interesting actually!! I think it won't disappoint the fans of the franchise and once again it's with teens so even funnier to watch :)

I hope it doesn’t disappoint, if we get one anytime soon haha.

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Anonymous: Do you want Scream 5 (if we get one) to be set in Woodsboro?

That would be nice, or even at Windsor College.

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SCREAM 4 (Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot) (2011)

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3 days ago -

Anonymous: Do you have the gif of the first time we see ghostface at Casey's house when he darts past the door way quickly wielding a knife? :)

I have but I’ll make it again for you :).

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Anonymous: what's mean 'copycat'? I love this blog btw

In relation to the Scream films?

'denoting an action, typically a crime, carried out in imitation of another: copycat killings.’

Hope that makes sense haha :).